CyLive is a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR solution) Engine and Management Module designed to offer very sophisticated features with a user configurable interface that uniquely provides an IVR designer tool in a flow chart design.

Business benefit of an IVR solution

  • Allow your customers to Self Service
  • Save high skilled human resources for complex and more personal tasks
  • Create new services
  • Enrich customer relationships
  • Increase efficiency and lower costs
  • Empower your business
CyLive screen

Features & benefits

  • IVR Designer Tool
  • Real-time Monitor
  • Reports Generator
  • Integration to CyTrack Call Centre Modules
  • Customer database or CRM integration
  • SQL database architecture

Typical IVR solution applications

Customer Pin Code Verification

Route callers to CyLive IVR solution to collect a unique customer pin to then allow access to personal information or customised services.

Queue Call (Back When Integrated With CyCX Connect)

CyLive can collect caller details and allow the caller to hang-up but retain their position in the queue and receive an automatic call-back when the next agent is available.

Personalised Routing by Either Caller ID or Customer PIN Entry

CyLive can then access your customer database or CRM and look-up specified customer service fields that determine how the call can be routed when integrated with CyCX Connect.


Scripts can be developed to provide online customer payments and real time verification in conjunction with compatible e-commerce systems.

Account Status

Scripts can be developed to provide customer information or account status after online pin verification.

Help Desk Status

Scripts can be developed to provide online customer payments and real time verification in conjunction with compatible e-commerce systems.

Personalised Call Forward

CyLive scripts can be developed to provide a range of options for special or VIP clients for each user desktop when integrated with CyDesk and CyCX Connect

Service Bureau & Billing Functions

CyLive IVR solution can provide complete reporting and service billing of functions utilised when integrated with CyReport. Telephone Access and Billing CyLive scripts can be developed to provide telephone services via Pin Code access and the billing information per account provided when integrated with CyReport.

Take it to the next level and add CyLive AI Speech Cognitive Services

Text to Speech provides natural voice to your services that speak to users naturally with the Text to Speech service. Real-time speech translation capabilities are available for any of the supported languages and receive either a text or speech translation back. Speech translation models are based on leading-edge speech recognition and neural machine translation (NMT) technologies. They’re optimised to understand the way people speak in real life and generate translations of exceptional quality.

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Our innovative virtual agent, chatbot, live chat and knowledge management solutions empower organisations to provide consistent, accurate, personalised and seamless omnichannel engagement. Leverage your knowledge base by combing with our CyLive AI Speech Cognitive Services and your AI is now available from your IVR and your customers can use speech to navigate and find information they require in your self service process.

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