Virtual Assistant for your Live Chat, Social Media and IVR engagements

With CyCX AI you are empowered to deliver a fully integrated support experience for your customers by combining self-service virtual agents and human-assisted live chat.

CyCX AI enables you to deliver conversational IVRs and bots that work across web and mobile chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and your CyCX omni channel contact center.

Every conversation has a purpose. CyCX speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine interprets conversations to determine your customers intent and accomplishes specific tasks based on their goal. Select and customize specific tasks for CyCX AI to perform based on your customers needs.

Why CyCX AI works…


Improved Customer Experience

Many organisations are turning to live chat as a customer support tool to improve online customer service and deflect calls from the contact centre. Placed in front of live chat, CyCX AI virtual agents create convenient ways to self-serve and reduce live chat sessions by up to 80%. Based on a set of customisable rules and triggers, the virtual agent can seamlessly escalate users from virtual to real agent, with a complete history of their conversation passed to the live chat agent.

Works across all channels

Our conversational IVRs and bots work across web and mobile chat, SMS, WhatsApp, CyLive IVR and your CyCX omni channel contact center.

Work with your business logic

You need to be there for your customers at anytime, anywhere. Build solutions to accomplish tasks and deploy CyCX AI for any channel including your CRM systems to deliver contextually relevant customer information at the right time with a simple API call.

Handoff conversations from CyCX AI to your agents seamlessly

CyCX AI works with your contact center by passing a conversation on to a live agent with the context intact. Instruct CyCX AI to collect information that can help a live agent assist a customer more efficiently.

Complementary Solution

CyCX AI is designed to be complementary to the systems and processes already in place and can be easily integrated with existing modules in the CyTrack Suite including CyCX Omni Channel and CyLive IVR. Combine CyCX AI’s knowledge of your business with CyLive + Speech Cognitive Services to deliver speech to your AI and customer interactions.