Why CyTrack CX solutions for Small Medium Business

Our CyTrack CX solution suite is designed for small medium businesses, many of our customers are as small as 3 users or so using our apps to improve their business processes and customer experience.

The great benefit of our CX solution suite is that its modular and will grow with you. Our products are platform agnostic so we will work with the platforms you have now and give you choices for the future as your needs and technology bases change.

As well as our telephony apps, consider Contact Centre for your business… there remains a misconception that Contact Centre technology is only applicable to large enterprises, which simply isn’t the case anymore. The technologies, methodologies and managed approaches pioneered by call centres are now implemented in all smart businesses to boost customer experience. Every customer-facing employee should be considered part of your ‘virtual contact centre’ team.

Recommended applications for you



Is our desktop unified communications, CRM integration tool and agent cockpit. We recommend CyDesk as this is where we collect information from the user such as presence, work types, breaks, completion codes, controlling voice recording and more.

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This is our business intelligence reporting module which includes over 130 prepared reports, as well as a powerful configurable browser based dashboard for analytics and alerts. As a base CyReport will collect data from your communications platform and provide call statistics and more, but start adding some of the other modules below to enhance your view beyond just the phone data.

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We integrate CyRecord screen and voice recording to our CyReport solution for enhanced search and reporting on all your business communications.  Regulation compliance is an important requirement for many businesses and adherence review starts with CyRecord.

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Is our omni channel contact centre solution. CyCX is where the customer experience technology really gets teeth to take your business to the next level. CyCX provides a platform to build more analytical touch points where we can manage and assess the business through 360 degrees.

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Adds SMS Messaging to your contact centre omni channel experience – easily send SMS directly from your PC using CyDesk, reach all your clients with SMS marketing mail-outs directly from your database or CRM. Create Auto-Callbacks from SMS responses, route SMS replies and requests to service & sales staff according to skills, using our skills based routing functionality.

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