Voice Recording & Compliance

Compliance is an important aspect for any business. Many organisations now make contracts by phone and require 'voice signatures' in the form of a voice recording. The Government and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates businesses to record and archive customer interactions.

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The CyTrack CyRecord solution allows your business to turn on features such as voice recording and screen recording, this combined with important audit reports and performance review enables you to meet tough compliance requirements

It's not all about compliance though, many of our customers utilise voice recording throughout their business and it's their central point of truth for team training.

Reviewing calls and providing feedback and training is a key driver for great customer experience and also happy team members.

Suggested modules and summary briefs…


This is our business intelligence reporting module which includes over 130 prepared reports, as well as a powerful configurable browser based dashboard for analytics and alerts.  As a base CyReport will collect data from your communications platform and provide call statistics and more, but start adding some of the other modules below to enhance your view beyond just the phone data.

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Is our desktop unified communications, CRM integration tool and agent cockpit.  We recommend CyDesk as this is where we collect information from the user such as presence, work types, breaks,

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We integrate CyRecord screen and voice recording to our CyReport solution for enhanced search and reporting on all your business communications.  Regulation compliance is an important requirement for many businesses and adherence review starts with CyRecord.

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Monitors the performance and status of the CyTrack software applications being used for your business. CyPulse is delivered to provide status and alert information so support services can proactively identify the problems related to the application performance. Don’t find out your voice recording has been offline for weeks when you search for that crucial recording.

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CyRecord Speech Analytics

For the ultimate in compliance management, Speech Analytics delivers the results where analysts can inspect calls at scale with previously unattainable granularity and visualize those results using our reporting tools. Transcript calls in their entirety on the fly, create lists of words to auto cross reference and categorise all your call recordings, measure sentiment and more.

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CyCX Connect

Is our omni channel contact centre solution. CyCX Connect is where the customer experience technology really gets teeth to take your business to the next level. CyCX Connect provides a platform to build more analytical touch points where we can manage and assess the business through 360 degrees. Customers using the AI may well end up wanting to speak to a live agent and this may be via chat or phone.

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Our survey and customer satisfaction management application.  Read more on CySurvey and how important measuring customer satisfaction is to your business

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Our staff training and evaluation application leverages your voice recording to provide a process for creating assessment and questionnaires, then reviewing, assessing and delivering feedback to key customer experience staff.

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CyCX Workforce Management

Improve your service levels and reducing staffing costs by closely matching staffing levels to workload with accurate forecasts, intelligent real-time monitoring & reporting. 

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