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One of the biggest impacts on contact centres has been the growth of self-service technology.

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Instead of calling a company with every question, customers now have a variety of resources available to assist them, including chatbots, mobile apps, customer forums, social media, and more.

Customer experience and the roles of the contact center technology are changing dramatically, and this will continue to happen for years to come, according to Ian Jacobs, a senior analyst at Forrester.

Benchmark Portal estimates that the average contact centre handles around 15% of customer contacts on a self-service basis – which in monetary terms can mean big cost savings.

If one was to assume that IVR reduces live agent occupation by one minute per call in a 100 seat call center, for example, with agents handling an average of 10 calls per hour – then the cost savings from IVR alone could be in the region of $250,000+ p.a.

Suggested modules and summary briefs…



Our powerful solution adding a range of important technologies to the business, including self service, voice recognition, speech cognitive services, artificial intelligence and more. CRM integration where the smart services can leverage customer details and preferences are crucial to bring this level of customer experience to the forefront.

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CyLive Speech Cognitive Services

Text to Speech provides natural voice to your services that speak to users naturally with the Text to Speech service. Real-time speech translation capabilities are available for any of the supported languages and receive either a text or speech translation back. Speech translation models are based on leading-edge speech recognition and neural machine translation (NMT) technologies. They’re optimised to understand the way people speak in real life and generate translations of exceptional quality.

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Adds Web Chat Messaging. Chat is fast becoming a channel of choice for customer service and is the perfect complement to our CyCX Connect Omni Channel Contact Centre solution. Customers in a self service process often prefer to just click and chat with a member of your team if they need help.

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Our innovative virtual agent, chatbot, live chat and knowledge management solutions empower organisations to provide consistent, accurate, personalised and seamless omnichannel engagement. Leverage your knowledge base by combing with our CyLive AI Speech Cognitive Services and your AI is now available from your IVR and your customers can use speech to navigate and find information they require in your self service process.

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CyCX Connect

Is our omni channel contact centre solution. CyCX Connect is where the customer experience technology really gets teeth to take your business to the next level. CyCX Connect provides a platform to build more analytical touch points where we can manage and assess the business through 360 degrees. Customers using the AI may well end up wanting to speak to a live agent and this may be via chat or phone.

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This is our reporting module which includes over 130 prepared reports, as well as a powerful configurable browser based dashboard for analytics and alerts. An important part of the self service process is assessing what menu options customers are using and what are the busiest and least used paths.

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Our outbound contact centre manager, outbound/inbound call blending, predictive dialling, campaign list management and optimisation—are now being used in smart ways to provide pro-active creative and exceptional customer experience services. CyCall can accept events and information from our CyLive platform when handling self service processes and create actions for agents to follow up with a live phone call.

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Adds SMS Messaging to your contact centre omni channel experience – CySMS can accept events and information from our CyLive platform when handling self service processes and create SMS messages for follow up confirmations.

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Our survey and customer satisfaction management application. Ensure your self service processes have an option to collect customer feedback on how satisfied they were. Read more on CySurvey and how important measuring customer satisfaction is to your business

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Monitors the performance and status of the CyTrack software applications being used for your business. CyPulse is delivered to provide status and alert information so support services can proactively identify the problems related to the application performance.

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CyCX Web Connect

This will place your organisation at the cutting edge of world-class customer experience by combining web behaviour with your communications. There are 3 main elements — Superior Call Routing, Real-time Web-Behaviour Call Info, and Call Tracking Information Combined With Web Analytics

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