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Call Reporting For Microsoft Teams

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Teams Call Reporting

CyReport for Teams

  • No minimum contracts
  • Pay per month
  • Includes setup


per month

for up to 100 users - additional users AUD$1.75/month

  • User performance & utilisation
  • Call Quality Analysis
  • Full range of reports for powerful analysis
  • Drill down to meeting organiser & participants
  • Report by call modality including call, meeting, video conference, screen share, etc
  • Powerful Report Generator
Microsoft Teams Reporting and Dashboards
Fully integrated reporting & dashboards – operates from within your Teams interface

The pulse of any business is in its Business Intelligence reporting – what gets measured gets managed. Our solution offers a business wide solution reporting for all users within the Teams environment for your organization.

Act on the facts - Choose from a wide range of customisable formats to access the real-time sales and service data you need to make critical business decisions. Use intelligent bots to monitor service levels and alert you before problems even arise.

  • Extended call reporting and for the whole organization
  • Configurable web based Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Real time indicators and alerts
  • Report Generator and Designer – create your own reports in your way
  • Just search for what information you are after, and global search will show you which reports contain the data you seek
  • Modern charts and graphs supporting multiple tables and charts in one
CyReport for Microsoft Teams
CyReport — Reporting & Analytics
  • Full range of reports for powerful analysis
  • Drill down to meeting organiser & participants
  • Report by call modality including call, meeting, video conference, screen share, etc
  • Powerful Report Generator & Designer
  • Auto-Report Scheduler
  • Export to PDF & Excel
Microsoft Teams Dashboards via CyReport
CyReport — Dashboards
  • Powerful Real-Time Call Quality Dashboards
  • Powerful Real-Time Grade of Service Dashboards
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Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
Focus on your business and we’ll manage your cloud infrastructure.

Hosting your CyTrack communications systems in Azure provides the natural cloud benefits such as access to highly secure, scalable, on-demand infrastructure, and the ability to rapidly spin up or scale out services, so you can meet your business requirements faster. As a successful business, you have a lot on your plate; keeping your teams on track, meeting customer demands, and delivering your business products and services to market. Managing your cloud infrastructure is the last thing you should be concerned with.

CyTrack has selected Parallo (a Rhipe company) to manage our CyTrack Azure Cloud Platform Management services, this ensures the CyTrack Cloud infrastructure allocated to your business delivers what you need, so you can focus on your priorities - your product and your customers. Parallo understands the complexities inherent in public cloud management, and together we offer a comprehensive managed service to ensure that the use and consumption of your CyTrack Azure service is effectively aligned to your business requirements.

CyTrack customers take advantage of a proactive service that ensures security, performance, availability, cost and compliance are monitored and managed effectively. With 24x7 monitoring Parallo proactively identifies potential issues and takes immediate steps to prevent any service disruptions to your business. And should any issue occur, accelerated fault resolution is taken care of via Parallo’s Microsoft Premier Support agreement.

CyTrack Professional Services
CyTrack Professional Services

CyTrack Professional Services help you optimise your investment, through our portfolio of services, ranging from planning, designing, and implementation to project management, ongoing support, and consulting, CyTrack Professional Services enables you to reduce infrastructure costs while establishing a framework to drive employee efficiency and accelerate business performance.

Consulting services

CyTrack Professional Services is an ongoing resource you can utilise at any point as a CyTrack customer, especially when your company is going through a major change. Our strategic and technical consultants will work closely with you to accelerate ROI and deliver an improved customer experience.

Onboarding and implementation services

Launch your new system to the company with no worries and no downtime to your IT organisation. Our Professional Services consultant will provide end-to-end project management until you successfully deploy the system

  • Pre-deployment consultations to understand your unique environment
  • Network readiness assessment to identify your implementation requirements
  • Hands-on training for administrators and users to ensure smooth onboarding
  • Your business depends on an efficient and sustainable business communications system. CyTrack provides extensive support to ensure your CyTrack service is evolving with you, and your communications system is leveraging the best practices that drive business success.
  • Engage with our designated team of cloud-domain experts for proactive network monitoring, premium technical support, delegated administrative maintenance, and more.
Customer Care

Our Customer Care Centre provides real-time updates on the status of your CyTrack service. In the rare case there is an issue, our CyPulse health monitoring services proactively alerts us to the event over a range of issues, and also customers can request assistance and detailed information as soon as they log in to the CyTrack Support portal. The Customer Care Centre also provides various training resources and documentation.

  • Assigned Technical Specialists and Customer Success Manager professionals to resolve technical issues
  • Expedited technical support with heightened escalation processes for timely resolutions
  • Proactive case management, monitoring, and notifications keep you across any issue