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Use CyTrack software and…

ALL your voice and digital comms channels
with your Microsoft Dynamics 365…


Remote Working

Connects your team, supervisors, and customers like never before.

Fully Compliant

Voice contracts, PCI, GDPR, MFID and voice/screen recording.

Speed of Ease Features

Staff save time with handy click-to-contact and name search functions.

Marketing Modules

Run outbound campaigns from directly within Dynamics 365


CRM Call Logging

Access conversation history, notes and recordings inside the 365 CRM

Platform Agnostic

CyTrack software works with every platform.

CRM Conversation Routing

Route customer conversations based on a field in the 365 CRM


Out-of-the-box Integrations

Robust API and lots of helpful pre-built integrations.

All Major Phone Systems

All major systems supported including cloud telephony.

CRM Lookup & Screen Pop

Looks up caller ID and instantly screen pops from Dynamics 365

Comprehensive Reporting

Full reporting suite for every level of supervisor & management.

The research is quite astonishing, between 40-70% of customers, (both B2B and B2C), leave their supplier because they believe the supplier doesn’t really care about them.

Professor Linden Brown

Chairman & Co-Founder, MarketCulture Strategies Inc

Here’s how CyTrack skyrockets your customers’ experience when integrated with Dynamics 365…

All conversations in one place in CRM

Provides A Seamless Experience

Customers expect a seamless experience between digital messaging and voice. More than 75% of customer say the worst part of their customer experience is having to repeat themselves to different agents.

With CyTrack you will be able to deliver exceptional customer service by responding to customers via their chosen method while keeping context between channels.

Your and your team will love having every conversation automatically kept in one place within your Dynamics 365 CRM

CRM Conversation Routing

Even before one of your team picks up a conversation, have your customer routed to the best person on your team? (Without the customer needing to self-select!)

Our software has a nifty little feature which looks up an assigned field within Dynamics 365 CRM, and then routes the customer exactly where they need to go.


Customer Priority = “Gold”
Customer routed to the assigned premium customer service queue.

Customer Priority = “Invoice Owed”
Customer routed to the accounts queue.

Caller Lookup & Screen Pop

Everyone knows first impressions count the most.

And every staff member who interacts with your customers must be considered part of your “virtual contact centre team” no matter the size or type of your business.

When a customer calls and is greeted by name, it sets a tremendous first impression and means conversations are much more likely to continue in a positive tone for the duration of the call. A better experience for both customers and staff — especially in our new remote-working era.

Our software (CyDesk) will lookup your Microsoft Dynamics 365 database based on the Caller ID and instantly show your customer’s contact details (& account/company if applicable.)

Simple. Powerful.

CyTrack empowers staff for increased likelihood of “First Call Resolution”…


When you give your staff full visibility of ALL previous customer interactions, you empower them to resolve a customer query in the first conversation — watch your first-call resolution KPIs go through the roof!

CyDesk does this by logging notes and history and attaching voice/screen recordings…

Log history
CyDesk will store details of each individual customer contact within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM contact history – the date, time, call type (incoming or outgoing), Caller ID and call duration.

Log notes
Notes entered into CyDesk during the conversation are stored alongside the log history.

Attach screen/voice recordings
CyDesk will store a link to the recording file for each and every conversation.

Ready to see what CyTrack can do for you?

CyTrack also makes communications simpler for your staff…

“Speed and Ease” Features

The little things which make day-to-day tasks quick and simple for your team…

Allow users to click on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM contact field and CyDesk will contact the person.

Name or Number search
A user can search in CyDesk and display a list of matches from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The user can select the contact from the list and pop the record, dial one of the contact phone numbers, or send an SMS.

Pop contact / Pop account
CyDesk can tell Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to display a contact record, or an account record from either the name or number search.

Marketing and follow ups made easy-peasey…

Marketing Features

Outbound call campaigns
Access your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM marketing campaigns directly in our outbound call centre module, CyCall. Of course, each time a call is made the contact or account pop is shown on your agent’s desktop.

Log completion code
CyDesk allows for calls to be categorised by completion codes at the end of each call, and optionally the completion code selected can update a designated field in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM contact record with a defined entry. Whether you need to call somebody back, or you use this for call categorisation and reporting, the choice is yours.

CyTrack has a long history in Contact Centre solutions developed on the Microsoft platform that enables our Dynamics partners to engage in partnership business solutions with telephony channel specialists.

We support this relationship with CyTrack and their product suite to enable great solutions for our customers on the Dynamics CRM platform and will be running a series of initiatives with CyTrack in key APAC regions with our partners to build awareness and education.

Adrian Johnston

GM for Dynamics Asia Pacific, Microsoft

Remote Working

CyTrack software is platform agnostic — our clients range from small 3-person businesses to full-blown call centres, all successfully working remotely.

Our software works with all major phone systems, including cloud telephony, and most of the popular digital communication channels. (We can also help you transition to cloud telephony.)

With comprehensive reporting available at every level from agent to supervisor to senior management, a custom report builder, and a dashboard and alert system, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with every member of your team, and overall.

CyTrack gives you true omnichannel remote-working capability and visibility.


Our software is used by government and large enterprise organisations with strict compliance standards requirements.

Whether it’s PCI, GDPR, or MFID. Whether you need voice contracts, voice or screen interaction recording. CyTrack has all your compliance requirements covered and we always ensure we’re up to date with any new mandates.

Remaining compliant in our new remote-working normal is crucial to maintain your customers’ trust.

Makes your staff and customers happier…

In every relationship, seemingly small things always matter the most (and have the largest impact!)

This is never truer than with customer relationships…

Every customer contact ends in one of two ways — the customer relationship is either weaker or stronger.

CyTrack software makes staff happier because it empowers them to provide much-improved customer conversations. And your customers — who probably won’t even notice these *small things* — will feel great every time they get in touch with you.

Happy staff and happy customers is the winning formula for business growth and longevity.

Ready to see what CyTrack can do for you?

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