Become a CyTrack partner

Our partnership means your opportunity

CyTrack is a wholly channel focused organisation. We provide profitable CyTrack partner margins on all our products and assist you with a range of partner services to help you from the initial customer enquiry and requirement all the way through comprehensive project management to complete after sales technical coverage.

  • Profitable margins on all products and services
  • Sales Engagement
  • On-line E-learning for Sales and Technical
  • Project Management, Deployment & Training Services
  • After Sales Support Services

Sales engagement

Our pre-sales specialists are available to assist CyTrack partners with any customer enquiry and solution requirement.

We will help you all the way, we can talk to the customer directly or work through you the partner. We provide you pricing proposals with suggested retail price and your buy prices for products and services, brochures and associated materials and where applicable our Statement of Conformance addressing documented requirements.

Online e-learning for sales and technical

Our online e-learning portal provides session orientated product training for both sales and technical requirements. Self paced training labs with guidance via movies, slides and downloadable material deliver learning in an engaging format. For technical training we provide not for resale internal use licenses so you can follow the labs and install the products live in your offices.

Classroom based deep-dive technical training courses

For partners who wish to pursue advanced training and in a face to face classroom setting. It is a pre-requisite that the self-paced online labs are completed prior to the classroom sessions. The classroom technical training courses delivers hands-on experience from contact centre planning through to deployment, training and trouble shooting.

Project management, deployment and training

The CyTrack service aim is to arrive at a successful go-live transition for the customer, making sure we meet all their requirements as identified during the sales and consultation stages while keeping all stakeholders fully informed throughout the entire process.

Purpose of our process

The process allows us to achieve the desired solution whilst foreseeing as many risks and problems as possible. This allows us to plan accordingly, mitigating any possible risks and uncertainties and ensuring the smoothest possible deployment.

The Deployment process

CyTrack Deployment 1

1. Initial meeting between Distributor, Main Contractor and CyTrack to discuss project scope and customer requirements.

CyTrack Deployment 2

2. Project overview discussion between CyTrack, Distributor, Main Contractor and the re-seller to confirm project scope and customer requirements.

CyTrack Deployment 3

3. Detailed scope of project created in Project Management Portal and shared with all parties.

CyTrack Deployment 4

4. Initial meeting between Customer and CyTrack to cover project management plan, project steps and the CyTrack Configuration Document.

CyTrack Deployment 5

5. Customer provides CyTrack with completed data collection and solution configuration documents.

CyTrack Deployment 6

6. Access to server verified and PBX requirements detailed and passed to phone technician. CyTrack commences installation.

CyTrack Deployment 7

7. Technician configures PBX and reports to CyTrack who complete installation.

CyTrack Deployment 8

8. CyTrack solution tested.

CyTrack Deployment 9

9. Initial walk-through with customer so they can verify solution matches requirements.

CyTrack Deployment 10

10. Customer training scheduled and conducted.

CyTrack Deployment 11

11.System made live.

CyTrack Deployment 12

12.Customer support handled by CyTrack.

Tools of our trade

A key element of our project planning is the Online Project Portal, which contains the Statement Of Work, timeline and schedule for each customer. We utilize an online application called Asana, which therefore enables teams to assign tasks, move work, set reminders, view the timeline and communicate with all stakeholders as required.

Asana online project management

After sales support services

Many CyTrack partners prefer to outsource their services, so there is a need for well-resourced support facilities, to meet the demand and ensure the highest levels of service. Continual communication and information sharing is critical and we embrace high quality collaboration applications to ensure we meet the goals of our partners.

Online support portal

Our online support portal allows our partners and clients to create their own support request tickets and review online the progress of existing tickets.

CyTrack partner on his laptop talking on the phone

Benefits of becoming a CyTrack partner

  • Our sales team and global partner reseller channels bringing opportunities to you.
  • Instantly be part of major global brand channels.
  • Open up new markets and functionality by augmenting your solution with ours.
  • No cost, no commissions, no commitments, no models – just be yourself.
  • Access wholesale pricing.
  • CyTrack partner quotation tool.
  • Service and support material including access to online training.
  • Product patches and technical information.
  • Sales & marketing material.