The multi-channel Contact Centre strategy MUST now include Social Media in its vision. Customers today have choices in how they communicate and its not just the telephone that is the preference! We now have a proliferation of dozens of new forms of communication: Internet, email, web messaging, VoIP, IM, video conferencing and now organisations are pressured as customers demand to communicate via their social media preferences.

Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming part of the commercial landscape and businesses need ways to manage staff and meet their services quality. Utilising the power of CyCX, users can now 'bolt-on' our CySocial module, meaning even more reach and more power within your contact centre.

Most importantly CyCX is not just about managing telephone calls, we can manage queue, route, escalate and respond to a range of multi-channel communication methods – whether it be telephone, email, fax, IM, web call-back or even Facebook and Twitter!

Business benefit

  • Professionally manage and measure your Social Media Ensure Tweets and or Facebook posts are always directed to the best person for the job
  • Get real-time Social Media marketing statistics and trends when measuring your Twitter and Facebook response with the CyReport BI Dashboard
  • Complete Social Media alert management – so you know exactly when your marketing or advertising has hit the mark!
  • Get full historical reports on all your Social Media marketing and client request with our CyReport BI module

Powerful features & benefits

  • Real-Time Administration Interface
  • Range of Queue Management Distribution Modes
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Social Media Queue Priority & Overflow Management
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Configurable Completion & Wrap Up Codes
  • Configurable Threshold Alarms with the CyReport BI Dashboard