Customers today have choices in how they communicate and its not just the telephone that is the preference! We now have a proliferation of dozens of new forms of communication: Internet, email, web messaging, VoIP, IM, video conferencing and now organisations are pressured as customers demand to communicate via their social media preferences.

CyTrack’s CySocial message server brings open, rich media chat and messaging capabilities across SMS, Web Chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to provide real-time communication and collaboration. CySocial drastically increases resolution speed for customer queries and issues for improved customer experience.

Business benefits

  • Professionally manage and measure your Social Media and ensure you're connected to your customers
  • Get real-time Social Media use trends with the CyReport BI Dashboard
  • Get full historical reports on all your Social Media marketing and client requests with our CyReport BI module
  • Add CyCX AI to CySocial Message Manager to combine self-service virtual agents and human-assisted live chat


Works across all channels

Our conversational IVRs and bots work across web and mobile chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and your CyCX Connect contact center.

Work with your business logic

You need to be there for your customers at anytime, anywhere. Build solutions to accomplish tasks and deploy CyCX AI for any channel — from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp.

Tie in third party CRM systems to deliver contextually relevant customer information at the right time with a simple API call.

Handoff conversations from CyCX AI to your agents seamlessly

CyCX AI works with your contact center by passing a conversation on to a live agent with the context intact. Instruct CyCX AI to collect information that can help a live agent assist a customer more efficiently.