CyRecord Speech Analytics

Evaluate and categorise calls at scale to measure compliance, build scorecards, rate customer sentiment

Your call recordings are a gold mine of information on your customer experience, how happy was the customer, are there service issues, whats the agent performance in both sentiment and delivering the correct script. But the sheer volume of phone calls exceeds most businesses ability to manually review and analyze them.

Most businesses adopt a manual and unsophisticated process in an audit approach that covers only a fraction of the total calls.

CyRecord Speech Analytics can transcribe and analyze 100 percent of your recorded calls to automatically analyze words, phrases, categories and sentiment during calls to reveal areas of opportunity or concern.

speech analytics

True Voice of the Customer Viz

Harness the power of speech analytics to monitor your Brand Health, Competitive mentions, and the Customer Journey through your call centre! Visualize call data like customer sentiment, product feedback, website confusion, or FAQs!

What is AI-powered Speech Analytics?

Defining the next generation of enterprise communication through AI-powered speech analytics. Everything we do is built with artificial intelligence, what will you detect in your sales and service calls?