CRM & Application Integration

CRM & Application Integration offers a way to truly cater to customers individual needs and deliver customer-specific service delivery channels, enabling a level of engagement never before possible.

CyTrack technical services and powerful API’s enable integration to the applications you use every day to deliver efficient business processes and unified customer experiences. CRM and application integration offers the most effective and economically viable way to engage with customers and provide specifically targeted customer experiences.

Organisations unifying customer experience are able to drive a significantly higher level of customer satisfaction and in addition, increasing revenues. Call Centre Integration with CRM offers an effective and economically viable way to engage with customers through whichever channel they choose.

As a result, the technology offers a way to truly understand customers behaviours and individual needs through efficient analysis of multiple communication channels. Call Centre Integration with CRM allows agents and managers to analyse the past, predict the future and deliver customer-specific service delivery mechanisms, enabling a level of engagement never before possible.

Suggested modules and summary briefs…


Is our desktop unified communications, CRM integration tool and agent cockpit.  We recommend CyDesk as this is where we collect information from the user such as presence, work types, breaks,

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We integrate CyRecord screen and voice recording to our CyReport solution for enhanced search and reporting on all your business communications.  Regulation compliance is an important requirement for many businesses and adherence review starts with CyRecord.

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CyCX Connect

Is our omni channel contact centre solution. CyCX Connect is where the customer experience technology really gets teeth to take your business to the next level. CyCX Connect provides a platform to build more analytical touch points where we can manage and assess the business through 360 degrees. Customers using the AI may well end up wanting to speak to a live agent and this may be via chat or phone.

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Our outbound contact centre manager, outbound/inbound call blending, predictive dialling, campaign list management and optimisation—are now being used in smart ways to provide pro-active creative and exceptional customer experience services. CRM integration is a key component to deliver these services.

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Our powerful solution adding a range of important technologies to the business, including voice recognition, speech cognitive services, artificial intelligence and more. CRM integration where the smart services can leverage customer details and preferences are crucial to bring this level of customer experience to the forefront.

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