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REST API/PowerShell

with Microsoft Teams and anynode the Software SBC

New configuration commands

With anynode 4.2. we have added many new commands to our REST API and PowerShell library.

With the REST API and PowerShell scripts, anynode configurations can be created, controlled and edited in detail, automatically and remotely.

Since our first release with a small set of commands, we have added more flexibility to our REST API and PowerShell library. User management and certificate handling is now easier.

You asked for it, we delivered it: sample scripts for daily tasks are now integrated with every anynode installation. See the latest documentation in our community for more details.

Members of our growing Linux community also get all scripts for Bash.

For better monitoring, we have more statistical data available. Customers can poll the data to display the values on their company dashboards.

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Advantages of anynode

with REST API/PowerShell

Remote control with REST, PowerShell and Bash

Integration of anynode into software client

Available script examples

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anynode is officially certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing that gives our customers the added benefit for worldwide Microsoft support.

In general with Microsoft Direct Routing and anynode you are able to connect to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PBX. The most suitable and uncomplicated, easy to use solution for you and your networks that simply works.

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