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Manipulation of call numbers and routing

anynode provides a flexible manipulation of the incoming and outgoing source and destination numbers. With anynode’s manipulation ability, different call number formats can be made compatible between differing IP equipment.

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Easy Routing with anynode

The routing can take place on numbers, prefixes, or extensions. The Route Assistant helps to set up routing easily. Nodes and dial strings can be defined here for routing decisions. Routes based on conditions like CPU load, session workload, or memory usage are even possible.

In addition to that, anynode can route your calls based on time what makes a more efficient use of additional business hours. The Route Supervision allows to integrate an existing source like a customer database for routing.


  • manipulation of incoming and outgoing call numbers
  • routing based on numbers, prefixes, extensions and more
  • directory, and time-based routing
  • integration of external routing mechanism via REST API
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