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High availability

A high degree of availability is essential for good communication. When considering VoIP, virtualization offers more flexibility, redundancy, and increased security while reducing costs.

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High availability with anynode

First, only one physical server is needed to run several virtual machines. That means a straightforward and fast restoration of the working environment. E.g., by merely reverting to the latest backup after a hardware failure. Furthermore, hardware defects and the associated replacement costs and waiting times can be avoided.

Quick and flexible configuration: when changing to different virtualization hardware, the virtual machine can simply be migrated with limited or no interruption.

anynode offers absolute flexibility and scalability regarding the number of sessions, since the licenses can be upgraded as required.

Fast adjustment of the number of sessions through an online request for the license file, which is then simply imported.


  • less hardware – fewer costs and waiting times
  • straightforward and fast restoration
  • quick and flexible configuration
  • absolute flexibility regarding the number of sessions
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