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The right person every-time

Intelligent customer routing using your knowledge of the customer and your teams' skills connect your customer every time

Communicate every-way

Omni-channel connecting with customers by phone, email, SMS, web chat, social media, and the list goes on

Empower your team

Simple-to-use beautiful software that delivers all customer communication activity from the PC desktop

Be in control of information

Amazing 360 degree view of every interaction and message, with custom reports, dashboards and alerts at your fingertips

Know your customers

Powerful CRM and database integration delivers the right information to your team on the call

Capture every conversation

Transcribe calls, alert keywords, measure customer sentiment and make every call, SMS, WhatsApp and Web Chat available for everyone in your team

Forecast & Schedule

Improve service levels and reduce staffing costs by closely matching your workload with accurate forecasts and intelligent real-time monitoring

Meet compliance

Voice Contracts, PCI, GDPR, MFID and more – voice and screen recording, log your interactions and meet audit requirements

Self service & automate

Rich automation tools, IVR apps & AI to connect to your information systems and boost customer service

Proactive Outbound

Reach more prospects, update your customers, blend inbound and outbound and increase your teams’ efficiency

Rate and train your team

Powerful interaction review tools enable you to show your team the way to provide the best service

Measure Satisfaction

Gain the voice of your customer and measure their satisfaction to ensure you have your finger on the pulse

Our modular cloud contact centre creates perfect customer experiences

Deep-dive analysis

Billing & measurement with custom reports & dashboards

Voice Recording

Contracts, staff training & quality management

Simplify call control

From your PC, presence, messaging, click-to-dial, history and search

CRM Integration

Know your customer, screen pop, log call details, link to voice recording and more

Connect SMS

Customers love SMS, connect your agents, offer SMS in and out

Screen Recording

Go beyond voice and capture every screen interaction

Analyse Conversations

Auto transcribe calls, alert keywords, review caller and agent sentiment

Unified Messaging Centre

CySocial adds a unified messaging centre to CyDesk with real-time communication across SMS, Web Chat, WhatsApp & Facebook

Omni-Channel Contact Centre

Connect your customers to the right agents on any channel, telephone, email, SMS, webchat, social media and more

Outbound Contact Centre

Telemarketing with proactive opportunity creation, speak to more customers and prospects using CyCall outbound & telemarketing contact centre

Intelligent IVR

CyLive allows creation of any customized or self service customer experience integrated with your business processes

Workforce Management

Improve service levels and reduce staffing costs by matching staffing levels to workload with forecasts, real-time monitoring & reporting

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Provide customers 24/7 support and always-right-routing with your virtual assistant for Live Chat, Social Media and IVR engagements

Web Chat Service

Web Chat is fast becoming the channel of choice for customers and is the perfect complement to our CyCX Connect Contact Centre solution.

Call & Web Integration

Clever call tracking, routing and analytics based on user web behaviour

Rate & train your team

Your team evaluation & training management system to build skills, confidence and performance of your team.

Speech recognition & text to speech

Build amazing services with speech translation and text-to-speech using CyTrack unified Speech services

Customer Satisfaction

Translate customer experience into profitable growth - measure your customer's satisfaction and gain the 'voice of the customer'


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